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White Label? Wholesale? Private Label?

By Terry Link, Owner, Maxx Relief

I’m asked all the time about the differences between these three categories. Being in the CBD business, which is experiencing such rapid growth, I’ve come to realize that the majority of CBD entrepreneurs, have little to no background in the packaging industry. Product labeling and packaging is one of the most important aspects to establishing a successful brand, espcially in the competitive CBD market.

Personally, I come from a distribution background where the majority of my customers had years of packaging and purchasing experience. So, I would like to share what I’ve learned over the years from the professionals. Below are short descriptions of each category with more in-depth information just a click away. Let’s dig into the basics of each category! Or call us if you would like to discuss the options. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

White labeling generally means that you want to create a product or line of products with your brand name on it. 
Wholesale means that a business buys goods in large quantities directly from manufacturers or distributors, warehouses them, and resells them to other businesses.
Basically, Private Labeling involves developing your own product, made to your specifications, and packaging it for sale, but you don’t want to build your own factory to make it.

I got a bottle of Maxx Relief for my 13 year old Husky cross at a pet fair. His back legs aren’t working real well. Before I had a chance to try it, my vet recommended a different CBD in chew form. I tried that first but it didn’t seem to help my dog. Then I tried the Maxx Relief. It seemed to really help my husky; he actually started chasing around the yard again. I used it till I ran out. Then I tried two other brands of liquid. Nothing worked as well as the Maxx Relief.

Maryann Glen