Give people the opportunity to purchase a product to improve their health and wellness or that of their pet while helping their favorite charity! Or maybe you are helping your own favorite charity.

Stick to local charities or shelters. Look for charity events that you can set up a table at. Let the event coordinator know that you want to raise money for the charity by donating, say 25% or more of your sales and ask if you can set up for free or for a discounted booth fee. You want to spend $20 – $50 max. If you pay anymore than that, you may end up in the negative. Set up your booth according to our shows and events guideline.

If you cannot find any events coming up soon, find charities that you know are in need of fundraising and find out who is in charge of fundraising or finances. Find them by searching on their website or walking in and asking. Tell them you want to raise money for them by giving 25% or more of your sales to their charity.

Pick a day to set up a table at their nearest location. All the charity or shelter has to do is inform their supporters and put the word out that you will be there and you will be donating 25% of your sales.

After the event is over, ask the shelter if you can send an email to their list of supporters giving them a final chance to contact you and order from you and help raise money for the charity. This gives people that could not come to the event the opportunity to buy from you and contribute to the fundraiser.

In either situation, you must collect the emails and contact info of every person that buys from you. This is essential to do because you want to follow up with them in a few weeks to see if they need replenish their supply. This is where the residual profits come in!

Here are some charity ideas:

Animal Shelters and sanctuaries
(Pet CBD is best for this but you can also tell people they can use CBD for themselves).

Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinsons, Cancer
(List more conditions people fundraise for)

Avoid any events on military bases, Indian reservations or other federal lands. The possibilities are limitless!