The purpose of Maxx U (University) is to aid you in maximizing your potential in the fast-paced CBD industry. As you progress through Maxx U, you will be improving yourself personally and financially while improving the health and wellbeing of others! You will be the best possible version of you which is: MAXX You! Have a MAXX life by being MAXX YOU!

You will learn the 4 basics of sales techniques for success:

WHO: Are you talking to a single person, a store owner, a group of like minded people, a purchasing agent? Its important to first identify who your target market is and the person that will represent that market. Preparation for your meeting should be tailored to who that meeting is with.

WHAT: There is nothing worse than meeting with someone and not knowing about your product. Study what we give you and keep on learning from other sources to keep yourself in the know.

WHERE: I don’t take no for an answer lightly but in my world I tell every person I encounter about my business and there will be some people that just are not interested at the moment. Just remember the old adage that 80% of all sales are made by 20% of sales people. The difference between these people is preparation, they NEVER give up and lastly, they realize that there are people that say no to everything and they don’t take it personally. Just move on.

WHEN: On the first day you will be excited to get things rolling. The hard part is waiting until you are ready to go after that big account. Take your time. Practice on friends and family first. Then move up to smaller venues. Get your story, your elevator pitch down and be able to recite it in your sleep.

When you can answer questions with confidence, then its time to move on to something big. And just a reminder we have an enormous amount of sales background so if you need the help on a big account don’t hesitate to ask for it!