Share Your Story

Stories are powerful. People can relate to stories and they will remember them. Sharing your feelings in stories stirs up emotions in the people you are sharing with. People will connect with you because of your story.

Your story should be about 30 seconds long give or take. Memorize it and practice it so you can tell it without hesitation. There are 2 parts to your story:

  1. Share your pain. What you are suffering from. Are there some activities you are not able to do? How does that make you feel? Use feeling words and be vulnerable. This is the only part you can state negatives.
  2. Share what is better now that you use Maxx Relief. How are you feeling now? How has it made your life better? What can you do now that you couldn’t do before? Be positive here. Instead of saying, “I’m not suffering from insomnia anymore”, say, “I get a good night’s sleep now”.

Sharing your story can significantly help change the lives of some of your friends and family. You are providing something of high value; it could be a good night’s sleep for the first time in years, it could be the ability to play with their grandkids again or walk their dog again, or the ability to focus on some productive tasks because they are free of pain and/or anxiety.

Share your story with EVERYONE! Don’t assume someone isn’t suffering because they haven’t told you about it. When you share your story they will relate and open up to you. If a friend had a solution to your problem and they didn’t share it, how would that make you feel? Maxx Relief could be someone’s miracle they have been waiting for! Don’t rob them of it by keeping it to yourself!

Some of you may be tempted to sell your stock at cost or give it away to friends or family who need it. That is your choice, but let me share and example that shows why that is an absurd way to do business.

If your friend owned a vitamin shop, would you expect her to sell you vitamins at her cost, or to give them to you for free? She would not be in business very long ifshe did! And she would definitely not be able to pay the mortgage or feed her kids either! I’m sure you would be glad to support her business. And wouldn’t you rather support your friend’s business than say going to whole foods to buy the same vitamins and have some faceless corporation make money off of you?

I’m sure your friends or family have spent money on other products trying to solve their problem. Why wouldn’t they want to purchase something that works for them from a friend?

And think of what you can do with the extra money; you could take a vacation with your family, save for a down payment on a house or make upgrades in your current house, buy a new car, save for your kid’s college or maybe you’re retired and want to live a better life style. The possibilities are limitless!