• Premium Full Spectrum CBD
  • Unique & Proprietary Formulas
  • Safe, Cutting-Edge Extraction
  • Organic & Non-GMO
  • Consistency & Safety
  • Independent Laboratory Testing
  • No Minimum Number of Units
  • Discounts starting at $500 minimum
  • Quick Delivery
  • Easy Ordering Process
  • Exceptional Customer Service

Primarily connected with the retail industry, wholesale purchasing traditionally involves an actual retail space, often referred to as a Brick & Mortar Storefront. For obvious reasons, a store would have the need to buy at a lower price to be able to cover their expenses, while making a profit. However, that tradition is rapidly changing, chiefly because of the internet.

Amazon has made Drop Shipping the newest and most popular wholesaling method. Companies ship directly to their customers, sometimes without ever touching their products.

Wholesale Groups are a second innovative approach to wholesaling. A group of buyers, that want to participate in wholesale pricing discounts, can form a collaborative group. For instance, we have customers that join forces with their friends and family to meet the minimum wholesale order requirements for significant savings. Or professional groups like chiropractors or massage therapists may order many items using their collective buying power. Sign-up today to become a Maxx Relief Partner and see how much you could save by buying in bulk.

ALL ORDERS: to be prepaid by check or Zelle transfer. Credit cards accepted for an additional 3.5% charge.

F.O.B. Shipping: Camp Verde, AZ 86322

WHITE LABELING: Add $1 per item

• Customer to provide labels

• Other packaging included

• Proprietary Formulas

• Unique label design and printing available on request

• Available on request CBD-Experienced Label Design, Identity Branding, Website Development and Marketing.

PRIVATE LABELING: Call for pricing

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This was reommended to me, and I am telling you it is changing my life!!! I have figured out the perfect amount for me and my pain is seriously reduced to where I can now function and get out of bed. It’s real medicine that saves people from going insane with pain. Thank you for it!! I would recommend starting with 1/2 of .1 on the measuring a couple to three times a day and going up if needed. Someone recommended that to me and it was much better than taking too much. At first I got physically very hot from it, but was told I am taking too much to start.

Nikele Tiner